Hey there lovely Families :)


So pleased that you are here and thankyou for reading this :)


If you are reading this and are interested in trying a few days of family togetherness 


Perhaps this challenge is for you…


22 DAY Family Support Group 


This is your challenge if you choose to accept it…


  • Take time out as a family group every day
  • Put aside 30 minutes a day together uninterrupted
  • Play and have fun, be silly, laugh


Sound like something you could do??


I know we are busy…


I know the dishes need done…


Can we accept they aren’t going anywhere for the 30 minutes?


Each morning an audio clip will be sent to the WhatsApp group with the idea for the day. These challenges might be aimed at younger children where the older children in the family could play and support and explain their point of view and insights.


Some of the challenges might be aimed at slightly older and the idea is to allow all to try and have a laugh with each other at the approaches and abilities of each of you. And reinforcing the important thing is to try. Some days the challenges may not be for you and that’s ok. It’s about talking about why this is the case and making a family decision.


This challenge is providing a playful and nurturing approach to mental health and wellbeing.  Introducing movement, conversations, stories and Play to encourage connection and improved resilience 


I can facilitate this specifically for you and your family or can add you to the next group. Start date will be in August. Please get in touch 07708723075

22 Day Family Support Group


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