Play Therapy and Art in Northern Ireland

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What is Play Therapy?

In layman's terms children (and adults believe it or not) communicate through play.  Our unconcious is drawn to colours, people, places and smells etc


When we are in a safe and consistent space we are able to feel at ease to allow all parts of the self just to be.  When we can do this we can create what we want to be.  The behaviours that helped us survive until today are not always the behaviours we need for tomorrow 


Play Therapy

Syd was amazing with my daughter and has made a huge impact on us as a family. She is so warm and welcoming and fun!

Inspirational - Creative - Unique - Sydella Gallick Art appeals to all of ones emotions.  It is refreshingly different and very special. 
This artist is one to watch!


Play therapy was something I was hesitant at the beginning, but not doing it sooner was the biggest mistake, the sessions are amazing and helped me work out so many issues I struggled with during my alevels, which traditional therapy didn’t do much to ease, it was an amazing stress reliever and gave me a safe place to talk, can’t thank her enough thanks Syd! 200% recommend!

Eoin Clancy

Sydella is a Soulful Artist...full of ideas, dynamism, fun and Creativity!

I met syd in may this year after my daughter was seriously injusred in a bad road accident. I was hesitant at first about play therapy but after a few weeks all my doubts left me. Within a few weeks I could see my daughters confidence return and she was starting to become her old self again. It's been a difficult year for all of us but I can honestly say I don't where my daughter and I would be without Syds help. Not only has she helped my daughter but she also helped me understand her needs more and how I could be of help for her rehabilitation. A great mentor and a great therapist. Thanks for everything.

Highly talented and seriously passionate, Sydella has such massive talent and an amazing personality to back it up. Couldn't recommend highly enough.


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Portstewart, Northern Ireland

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mystical mandalas

Looking forward to getting back out in nature creating mandalas in the country and creating competitions to introduced support small businesses in our wee country.  

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Characters created for mental health awareness week 

Would you like a character or story created for your business or child?
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