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What is Play Therapy?

Play is the highest form of research

Albert Einstein

In layman's terms children (and adults believe it or not) communicate through play.  Our unconscious is drawn to colours, people, places and smells etc When we are in a safe and consistent space we are able to feel at ease to allow all parts of the self to just be.  When we can do this, we can create what we want to be.

The behaviours that helped us survive until today are not always the behaviours, we need for tomorrow.


Play Therapy Sessions currently on HOLD

A happier, healthier you. Individual and group sessions.

Family Support

Individual parent support and/or other family members.

Creative Clinical Supervision

Creative supervision for trainees is required twice a month. Qualified therapists can decide when and how they access depending on the requirements and current standing supervision.

Laughter Yoga sessions available for birthday parties, hen parties and more...

Restorative Yoga

Ultimate relaxation and care.

A space to process and learn about effective communication to grow within a relationship 

Couples Therapy


Whole Body Creative Experience

A unique session combining a variety of tools including sanitary, reiki, restorative yoga and creative processes

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