What is Play Therapy?

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Play is the highest form of research

Albert Einstein

In layman's terms children (and adults believe it or not) communicate through play.  Our unconscious is drawn to colours, people, places and smells etc When we are in a safe and consistent space we are able to feel at ease to allow all parts of the self just to be.  When we can do this, we can create what we want to be.  The behaviours that helped us survive until today are not always the behaviours, we need for tomorrow.


Play Therapy Sessions

A happier, healthier you. Individual and group sessions.

Family Support

Individual parent support and/or other family members.

Creative Clinical Supervision

Creative supervision when you require. I am currently a trainee supervisor.

Positive Power Box

Promoting positivity, these cards are a product of the play therapy process.

Restorative Yoga

Ultimate relaxation and care.

Play Therapy For Anxiety

Reducing anxiety and exploring self-regulation 

Play therapy for ASD

Non-directive play therapy allows the child to work at their pace 

 Bereavement Support

Supporting the process at every age and stage led by the child 

Creative Self Supervision

Encouraging sharing of ideas and techniques to self-supervise client work and capture the therapists process

A space to process and learn about effective communication to grow within a relationship 

Couples Therapy

Therapy for adults

Using a mixture of techniques including creative art explorative sessions