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Creative Clinical Supervision

"Supervision is a bridge from Theory to Practise"

Anonymous Supervisee 2021

I believe the primary value of supervision comes from having a safe and supportive environment in which the supervisee can explore different avenues and become more self-aware of their skills and improve wellbeing. The supervisee can reflect on any aspect of their professional self and the relationship established with the client.


In my view, the ultimate aim of supervision is to enable supervisees to safeguard themselves, their clients and the social systems to which they belong and to fully enhance the service they offer.


In terms of subject matter, the primary focus of the supervision process is the supervisee and the therapeutic process unfolding between supervisee and their clients.


Using the skills I have acquired I prefer to use creative supervision where tools such as movement, sand, puppets, art etc. are utilised to help the supervisee experience the situation at hand. 

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