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Positive Power Box

"Always let your conscience be your guide" 

Jimmy Cricket, Pinocchio

The story behind the cards..

The cards began from an #actionforhappiness calendar month challenge  a few years ago.

The task for the particular day was to

“Use a skill or talent in a different way” so I did

A friend of mine was creating mental health packs for 70 teenagers and I hand drew and painted individual little cards for them to place in the pack.  I believed that each of them would receive the card that was right for them and felt guided in this intuitively.

After a few requests I decided to bite the bullet and created the positive power box.

The cards doubled up and I added more complex paintings I created.  After individual or group therapy sessions end paint and energy are left behind in the room and this sparks a creative intuitive journey which is then put to good use.  These cards are a product of this process. Individual pieces of art. These cards are a mixture of thought provoking facts, positive affirmations and simple directives.


You shuffle and you choose.

Some use these on a daily basis and some if and when they need them.  

Can be used by youth workers, yoga and meditation teachers  at the beginning or end of a session etc

How would you use yours?

Or perhaps you know someone who could use them in their life?

40 cards double sided

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