This is a 22 day meditation offering if you choose to accept :)


Each day 30 minutes for you to be put aside


Are you putting everyone elses needs before your own and feeling tired because of it?

Are you looking for something thats just for you?

Want to be more relaxed and focused?

Want to connect within and connect with your power?

Want to engage with a beautiful tribe together daily to encourage, support and learn from?


Would you be willing to challenge yourself by introducing a short meditation and creative art journal challenge for 22 days?


Contact me with your number and you will be added to the Whatsapp group 


If you participate everyday, BRILLIANT

If you participate some days, BRILLIANT

If you do parts some days, BRILLIANT

You do this in your own time, your own way, Or you choose not too :) no problem, no pressure 


This is not a replacement for medical advice or Therapy although your process is therapetically supported and held :)




Meditation and Art Journal Group June offering