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Connected with others that you may potentially form as your tribe.  Like minded curious beings to explore all things meditation, creative processing, journalling, daily oracle cards etc.


The pre-recorded meditations will be forwarded to you as part of a whatsapp group each morning and you can chose which aspects each day and when to suit you.


I connect with erach of you individually and forward cards and checking in throughout the process.


Each day you will gift yourself around 20 minutes


Are you looking for something thats just for you?


Do you find youself saying you want to be more relaxed and focused?


If you are feeling a drawn to connect within and embrace your power?


Contact me with your number and you will be added to the Whatsapp group 


If you participate everyday, BRILLIANT

If you participate some days, BRILLIANT

If you do parts some days, BRILLIANT

You do this in your own time, your own way, Or if you choose not too :) no problem, no pressure 


This is not a replacement for medical advice or Therapy although your process is therapetically supported and held :)


                                         NOW WITH NEW VIDEO CONTENT 




The Connections Group

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